The Life of Yeshiva Student

Students will start the day with Morning prayers / Davening. The morning period is then dedicated to a world-class Jewish Studies program that ranges from Chumash,Mishna,Gemorah,Halacha to sicha,Tanya and Maamorim, as well as Parsha Nigunim, Yiddish and Chassidic special dates and personalities.

Alongside with this, students then learn modern and innovative Secular education. This is based on Critical Thinking Skills, Problem-solving, Experiential learning experiences, and hands-on learning. Subjects that are covered include English, Maths. Science, History, PDHPE/sport, and integrated Creative Arts program that involves drama, sewing, and computer design skills. The atmosphere throughout the day is infused with Torah values and chassidic enthusiasm.

Other Yeshiva activities can be mivtzoim (outreach programs),Tzivos Hashem,chidon,shofer factory,Chanuka celebrations,Purim parties,Matzah baking,Pesach,Sedorim, lag Baomer Parades musicals and productions.

The uniqueness of our school is the fervor and flavor of Chabad Chassidus, as inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, with particular emphasis on Ahavas Yisroel, and serving Hashem with Simcha, interjected into all aspects of the school program!

Our classes allow our staff to share their passion and dedication to Jewish life and learning, thereby creating an atmosphere of excitement and stimulation, while instilling a love of learning in our students.