College Communication Policy

A parent and community guide for communicating with your college to gain information and express your concerns. Parents or members of the community may need to approach the college to enquire about college issues, policies, practices or the progress or welfare of their own child.This policy aims to provide procedures that will result in a harmonious college community with parents, carers, staff and students all working together.

The policy will

• provide a guide to ensure that issues are dealt with in a fair and open manner.

• ensure that the rights of students, teachers and parents are respected and upheld.

• assist parents, carers and college staff in organising a time to communicate in a safe and confidential atmosphere.

• Establish guidelines for parents to follow if they have an issue with another student or students at the college.

Concern Appropriate Action
General enquiries Contact the college office.
Enrolment enquiries Contact the college office for an appointment with the Principal. College tours are held regularly and can be booked
by contacting the front office.
Financial enquiries Contact college office and ask for the Principal
The welfare or academic
progress of your child
Contact the class teacher to organise a suitable time to discuss the issue.
Serious concerns about a
student at our college
Contact the college office and request an appointment with the executive who supervises the grade the student is in.
This information will be communicated to the Principal.
Change any information relating to
your child/children e.g., legal
documents, custody issues, change of
address, emergency contacts or
medical details
Come to the college office and complete the changes to your details. For change of address please see the front
office for information. You will need to provide proof of new address documents e.g. rental agreements, council
rates, utilities bill or contract of sale.
College policy or practice Contact the college office and request an appointment with the Principal.
Student late or leaving early on
a college day
Come to the college office to sign students in or out do not take them directly to or from their classroom. On special
days carers/parents will still need to sign their child out by completing a form for the class teacher.
Change to pick up
arrangements or late pick up
of student
Ring the college office and make arrangements for your child.
Extending student absence for
any reason e.g.illness or
extended holiday
Contact the college office and inform the staff of the student return date. This is essential to secure your students’
enrollment at our college. Documentation may be required.
Translators Contact the college office to organise a translator for any of your college meetings.