About Us

Chabad-Lubavitch's approach to education is to instill in students Jewish values and the academic and spiritual tools to guide them throughout life. The Yeshiva College Bondi is housed in the Harry O. Triguboff Centre. We strive to produce graduates fully capable of joining the Lubavitch team of community workers in worldwide Jewish communities. Whether our graduates choose to work as Rabbis/Rebbetzins, teachers, or various other types of community servants, our students will have acquired from our school the refined character traits, communication skills and Torah knowledge to present an excellent role model of Chassidic behaviour in their chosen positions.  Our school aims to offer a Torah-centred education that inculcates in students Torah and Chassidic values, fear of G-d, Torah learning skills, and a wide breadth of Torah knowledge. Our students will learn and practice self-mastery, aiming to be intrinsically motivated to choose appropriate behaviour. They will be trained to open any classical Hebrew or Yiddish text (and for the boys, any Talmudic tractate in  Aramaic) and translate, understand, show some familiarity with and place into context the subject matter.

To reach the above Vision, we will: 

  • create an atmosphere of appreciation for the teachings of Lubavitcher Rebbe, which, among other  benefits, will encourage the students to desire a role as an emissary; 
  • maintain a discipline system based on the teachings of the Previous Rebbe (in his Klalei HaChinuch  vey HaHadracha) which will train the students in self-mastery, teach them to assess themselves,  nurture refined characteristics and good communication skills and weed out undesirable traits; 
  • expose students, from the youngest ages on, to traditional Torah texts and knowledge, skills,  values, ethos and behaviour patterns;  
  • cater for individual needs through using a variety of teaching methods and learning styles;
  • equip the students with the skills and knowledge which the NSW Education Standards has deemed essential for any educated citizen in Australia;  
  • require a very high standard of excellence in behaviour and role modelling on the part of our  teachers; 
  • pay close attention to Pastoral Care and personal attention to the needs of each student;
  • nurture the relationships with parents and the community by keeping the parents and other stakeholders informed.